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 Our Mission 

Our mission is to give every company the opportunity to build innovations that are based on real customer needs and to have an appropriate database for documenting these needs and the resulting ideas, prototypes, etc. Design thinking and other innovation methods are indispensable in today's corporate world. And it is precisely in these areas that we have observed serious challenges related to complexity, knowledge exchange and documentation -  challenges a software could solve. That is why we developed InsideUX®. The tool gives our users more time to focus on developing new products, and our customers achieve efficiency gains of up to € 18 million a year.

 Our Technology

BlitzMinds uses a graph database to store all project related information. The graph database consists of data points and edges. This structure makes it possible to model very complex relationships between any information in an intuitive way. InsideUX® also provides well-developed algorithms that are able to extract information from the database very quickly.


In Design Thinking and various other innovation methods, data from previous steps is connected, grouped and reorganized, which requires a high degree of flexibility. These connections must be stored seamlessly, easily accessible and traceable so that no information is lost. This crucial part of Design Thinking is extremely easy to handle with graph databases, making them the best choice for InsideUX®.

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 About Us 

BlitzMinds was founded in 2016 by Cornelius Filbry and Andreas Born. Since the very beginning we focused on iterative user-centric development, which is not only the core of our solution but also the way we work together.


That’s why we test things early, whether they are internal processes or product features. We encourage everyone to look for best practices, hacks, lean prototypes and quick learning processes.

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